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Mow-N-Go service consists of the basics: regular mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. We offer both weekly and bi-weekly service. Weekly service starts at $28/week for most lawns 1/5 acre or smaller. Terraces and inclined lawns will cost more. Bi-weekly service, or any arrangement that does not follow the regular service schedule (see "Service Details" page) is $5.00 more per visit.  Please call for an estimate.

Some of our client's homes are illustrated before and after our landscape work 

The Premium Plan lets you get everything included in the Mow & Go plus the following:

• Weekly shrub trimming to keep your landscape in a constant state of neatness and beauty,

• Weekly weed / grass removal in beds . . .  (some limitations),

• Regular fertilizer treatments (approx. every other month) to keep your grass green and heallthy,

And the price?  The Premium Plan actually costs the same as the regular Mow and Go service.  The only difference is your service - and your payment - continues year-round.  This is the same service offered to our commercial customers.  Our crew shows up every week throughout the year and make the property look its best.  Then we invoice you at the end of each month.  This requires a full 12-month contract.  (Note that new clients with overgrown lawns & shrubs will be subject to a one-time charge to get the landscape back in order.)  Weeds and/or grass overgrowth in planter beds may also be subject to an initial extra charge.  Choosing the Premium Plan is an easy choice . . .  not only will your house always be kept looking its best, but you save money, too.  Just select the Premium Plan on our Quick Quote form, or give us a call.

One time mowing is available upon request; pricing starts at $40.00 and requires payment at the time of service.

Unoccuplied Houses can be cared for if you live out of town of have a vacant house that's for sale.  We'll be happy to offer you a custom quote.  Such properties require full payment with a credit card.  Sorry, no exceptions.

Vacant Lots starting at $80.00 / acre.  Extra-tall grass would be an additional fee.