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Service Details

Contracts / Schedule: Tom's Lawn Service does not require a contract for our Mow & Go service, but we do adhere to the following schedule:

• January - clean-up mowing

• February - clean-up mowing

• March - 2 mowings

• April - weekly mowing

• May - weekly mowing

• June - weekly mowing

• July - weekly mowing

• August - weekly mowing

• September - weekly mowing

• October - 3 mowings (every 10 days)

• November - 2 mowings

• December - 1 mow (more if lots of leaves)

If our standard schedule does not work for you, please let us know in advance.  We will gladly adjust it to your preferences, however this will require a price adjustment od 20%.  Our standard pricing and all quotations are based upon the monthly work schedule shown above.  Please note that the fall / winter schedule also applies for every-other-week customers.

Additional Notes:  December is usually the month when most of the leaves fall.  Please understand that if the crew gets to your house and encounters lots of leaves that you may be charged extra in order to offset the extra time.  (If this is a problem, please call in advance, before the leaf season).  Please know that I try to be as easy as I can with the price on my regular customers, but I must account for the extra labor.  Very large leaf jobs will involve a consultation and a separate quote.

If it rains on the day your lawn is to be cut, rest assured we will be there as soon as the rain lets up.  You will not be skipped that week and the first customers missed will always be the first customers serviced.  Also know that in order to avoid delays, we occasionally mow in light rain and / or with the grass is wet.  Obviously if the lawn is too wet causing mowers to leave ruts, then we'll hold off.  Please keep in mind that if it rains on Monday, for example, that service may be delayed for the rest of the week.  Feel free to call if you need to know when we'll actually be there.

Can the regular mowing day be changed?  Maybe!  Keeping tight routes while keeping customers happy is always a challenge.  Here is the schedule I've kept for many years - this is where my crews will be on certain days:

Monday:  South Hurst / Richland Hills / Watauga
Tuesday:  North Fort Worth / Haltom City
Wednesday: Hurst / Euless / Bedford / Colleyville / South Grapevine
Thursday: North Righland Hills / Keller / North Hurst
Friday: Keller / Southlake / Colleyville
Saturday: North Grapevine / North Southlake

Unfortunately, my Monday, Tuesdays and Saturdays are pretty much cast in stone, as they are the outlying areas of my route.  So if you live in one of these particular areas, the odds of getting your day changed is remote.  (I do apologize!).  The other days are pretty much interchangeable and can usually be altered to fit the needs of the customer.

Other Services - Tom's Lawn Service is pleased to offer these additional services.  Please be advise however, that the summer months get very busy for us and that large projects may have an unusually long wait.  July and August are usually reserved for lawn mowing only - so it's best to get your biggest projects done during the spring, fall or winter months.  To get the best pricing, call December  through March.  Please note that large jobs are usually performed on Mondays and Saturdays.

Landscaping - We have been designing and installing new landscaping for many years.  We can start from scratch or remove your existing landscape features and start over.  Hardscraping (patios, walkways, stone borders) is also available (Oct. - April).  Samples of our work are always available upon request.  (Fall, Winter, Spring only).  No summer plantings or stone work.

Flower PlantingFlowers are bought, delivered and planted for $20 per flat. If you’d like to buy the flowers, we charge $7 per flat to plant. Please know that some flowers cost more than others, and your price may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Mulch - is purchased in bulk and brought to your house on a flat-bed trailer. Mulch prices vary depending on variety. We can provide cedar, cypress, pine bark, organic hardwood and a variety of stained mulches in bulk, which will save you money.

Tree Trimming - Why call a tree company? Tom's Lawn & Pool Service employs expert tree trimmers and we can do it for less. We’ll offer a free estimate that beats any competitor!  (Small to medium trees only - under 20 ft.)

Hauling We can haul everything from that old oak tree that finally fell over in the front yard to all the junk on the side of your house that you’ve been meaning to get rid of for years.

Fertilizer - Make your neighbors green with envy! Tom's Lawn Service’s regular fertilizer program will keep your lawn its greenest throughout the growing season. We offer both chemical and organic fertilizers. Applications run about $30 and are applied every other month.

Fertilizer applications are fertilizer only. We do not spray weeds. We do, however, use a good granular pre emergent and Scott’s brand fertilizer, which will make your lawn very green in the growing season. Scott’s also has a fairly effective weed control agent in it, but that is the extent of the weed control that we offer. Therefore, 100% weed control should not be expected. Our prices, however, reflect the nature of our service and are far lower than the inflated prices you will find elsewhere.

Shrub TrimmingBest shrub trimming in town - good prices, too!

Gutter Cleanout - Most one story houses cost $50.00; two story houses cost a bit more.  Please call for an estimate.

Exterior Window Cleaning - It's been forever since you've cleaned your windows.  Why not let us do it?  Most single story houses run about $100.00.  Includes removing / washing screens and scrubbing window panes with a brush and soapy water.  Your windows will look new again . . . Guaranteed!  

FencingWe can put a wood fence up for a fraction of what the fence guys charge. We’ve got pictures and references if you need them.  Available only during fall / winter

Christmas Lights - Let Tom's Lawn Service help you celebrate and glorify Jesus’ birth! We’ve been putting Christmas lights up for years. Give us a call--we can take care of all your illumination needs and won’t break the bank. Prices start at $200 to put up/take down. Two-story houses at additional charge.